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Wedding Bells!

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Several months ago, Jean and RaIMG_4646lph, came to our church looking for a place to set their roots and start their family. This Christian couple had found our church by sheer happenstance…they had discovered our home church’s website.  They enjoyed listening to Pastor Kohl’s sermons and even went through his marriage counseling on audio.  It was during this time that they realized that Faith Bible Baptist Church in Eden, NY had sent a missionary to Cebu, Philippines, the same island where they lived. After contacting me they asked for directions and visited our church.   They have been faithful ever since!  I was amazed when they started talking to me about my pastor-they knew his testimony of salvation and other details about his life. I laughed and said, “Are you sure you have never been to our church?” As their wedding date drew near we went through marriage counseling and enjoyed getting to know them more and more. When the big day finally came…I didn’t know who was more nervous-them or ME! I performed my first wedding and enjoyed celebrating the creation of a new family. I am so thankful that God guided this couple to us. He is the only one who could have brought us all together. We are so thankful for His blessings as we serve Him in Cebu!

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