The Lord gave me the wonderful privilege to be raised in a Christian home and saved me at the age of 10. As a teenager I surrendered my life to the Lord and became heavily involved in my church. When I graduated from high school, I decided to take correspondence courses from home instead of going to college. I knew my church needed me and I believed that was exactly where the Lord wanted me at that time in my life. Because I took college courses at home I was able to take a missions trip to Ukraine. This drastically changed my life and burdened my heart for missions. One of the ministries my church was involved in was camp. That is where I met my husband, Chris. I’m so happy to be a missionary’s wife in the Philippines. The mission field has presented us with different challenges, reminding me that I can’t do this on my own. I’m so glad the Lord did not call us to Cebu only to leave us here to figure everything out. He has been holding our hand every step of the way. Over the years we have seen the Lord do amazing things! It is because of Him I can face the enormous challenge of being a wife, mother, and a missionary.