Dear Friends,

It is my honor to recommend Bro. Chris Baran and his wife, Elizabeth, to the mission field of the Philippines. Chris has been a member of our church for over 13 years, coming to America from the Philippines as a boy. He didn’t know English but soon learned to read and write. By his teen years he was often winning Bible Quizzes at Youth Rallies. He is now fluent in both English and Tagalog and has dual citizenship, making his entrance back into Philippines easier than most missionaries.

Chris and Elizabeth’s love for the Lord is obvious. They have put their hands to the plow of God’s service and never looked back. All through their teen years and now as adults they have been workers! They are not as some who give lip service to soul winning and prayer. Their doctrine is as straight as an arrow. They have the humble spirit of a servant. It has been an honor for me to be Chris’ pastor. He has never caused me grief, but has been a joy to know. Elizabeth is the daughter of Pastor Keith Troyer.

I  would like to recommend them for prayer and support if you have room in your missions budget. They are not lazy, but industrious and self-motivated. I am confident they will Pastor Kohlhave a fruitful ministry for our Lord with His help.


Pastor Art Kohl