The Langbid Family

Pastor Walter and Mrs. Jephte

It was not all that long ago we were contacted by an American missionary that needed help.  He and his family were living on a very remote island just off the coast of Cebu, filling in for a missionary who was on furlough.  They were planning on being there for six months but his dear wife had gotten an infection in her eye and needed medical attention in Cebu City.  Not long after she had been examined, doctors recommended that she return to the States to see a specialist about a possible cornea transplant.  They knew they needed to return home but they were concerned about the ministry they were leaving behind. It was definitely God’s plan for them to return to the USA. The day they were to leave they discovered their connecting flight to Manila was cancelled. All flights were cancelled due to the terrible floods that happen in the monsoon season. However, another plane was available and it just so happened they had 5 available seats. One for each member of their family. During this time the Lord started to burden Pastor Travis’ heart for the church on Malapascua island. Literally translated it means Christmas island. Pastor Walter and his family have been a part of the North Cebu Baptist Church family for 7 years and Pastor Walter has believed for some time now that the Lord wants him be a missionary. As the Lord would lead, Pastor Walter and his family have moved to Malapascua until the missionary returns from furlough. It is a very remote island.  They must buy their food in Cebu and then take it by boat to their Christmas island. It is an  experience that Pastor Walter and his wife hope the Lord will use to prepare them for missionary work in the future. Praise the Lord for guiding and protecting these families as they serve Him. Please keep Pastor Walter, Mrs. Jephte, Kaela, and Kaeleb in your prayers!