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Traveling Mercies

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We took a group of our faithful children on a special trip. Filipinos possess a great spirit of adventure; they love going places they’ve never been before! So as a reward, we took these kids to a park on top of Cebu’s newest mall.  Our trip did have some unwanted adventure. On the way to the mall, our jeepney blew a tire! When the tire blew, my heart sank and I wondered if we would be able to get the kids to our destination. Thankfully, we were able to find a safe place to park and swap the tire with a spare. Because we were able to pull over and replace the tire so quickly, we still had plenty of time to take the children to the park. When we finally made it, the smiles were everywhere!  Truly, safety is from the Lord! I’m thankful we were able to take the children on this outing with only a minor detour! 

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