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Sharing Christ


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The Lord brought a family across our path that had never heard Christ’s Gospel!  A Japanese family came to Cebu for a short vacation and to visit a couple from our church. They joined our services on Sunday; it was their very first time in church! Later that week, we had dinner with them and they asked several questions about our faith. They had seen pictures of someone dying on the cross but they had never heard who that person was and why He died. What a privilege to share salvation’s story with people who had never heard about Christ and sincerely wanted to learn. Please pray for them. Pray that they would consider Christ and His work on the cross! 

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  1. Brian (Storm Shadow)

    Wow, that’s amazing! Japan in general has kicked out any what they call western religion because of the nasty aftertaste the Roman Catholics left on them. As sophisticated and modern Japan is, there still is a seriously sad number of Japanese that haven’t heard the saving grace of Jesus Christ. For the most part they are a proud Budists religion people. And I know this because I am another race that’s been at odds with them for a long time…Korean

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