Jean an RalphIn this world of technology and computers, it is easier than ever to connect with people on the other side of the world.  Still I was shocked when it brought us a new couple looking for Pastor Kohl, our pastor back in Eden, NY.  This young couple had been listening to Pastor Kohl’s sermons online and were really encouraged by them.  Then by looking at Faith Bible Baptist’s website they saw that Elizabeth and I were missionaries here in Cebu, Philippines.  That directed them to our blog  and they contacted us, asking for directions to our church.  Then one Sunday morning they came! Now they have been faithfully attending our church ever since.  Please continue to pray for this couple, Jean and Ralph.  They have already been saved and have been looking for a good church.  Jean has even brought her mom now!  It’s amazing to think that this young couple found us after listening to messages from our pastor back in the U.S. For a moment it made us feel a little closer to home.