The Lord has blessed us with some faithful mothers on our route in Nasipit. Two young women trusted in Christ several months ago and have been faithfully coming on Sunday.  Now they have even expressed their desire to join us at church on Wednesday!  It has been an encouragement to see these ladies and their children become a part of our church family!  One of these dear mothers we just discovered will soon be moving to another island in the Philippines.  It is very hard to say goodbye after all the time and love we have invested in them!  The littlest member of the family just turned one and was publicly dedicated to the Lord.  It was a special moment, and we were blessed to see this family’s desire to serve the Lord!  We pray that even though we will be islands apart, this dear family will continue to grow in their walk with Christ.  We are so thankful for the time we had with them and pray that everything they have learned will continue to impact them for the rest of their lives!