thankful heart.001Sometimes the Lord allows trials so that men can see His goodness. Sometimes a tragedy becomes an opportunity to reach out to those who are hurting. Just a few days ago a fire destroyed the homes of 50 families in our area. Several children in our church were left without a house. Thankfully, the government has already declared its intention to help rebuild their homes. Our church is doing everything we can to provide food and clothes. The Lord has given us a great opportunity to be a blessing! A couple months ago, a church donated a box of dresses and shirts to the children of NCBC. Originally, we were saving it as a reward for the children in our Christmas program, but due to circumstances we know they will be an immediate help to these families! We want to thank the ladies at Grace Baptist Church in Greenville, PA for making these beautiful dresses. Some of the girls have already come to church wearing their new clothes. Their precious smiles reveal their thankful hearts! Please continue to pray for these families as we look for ways to minister to their souls.