Jesus Loves the ChildrenEach year the staff and students of Lighthouse Baptist College take a week to help another ministry in the Philippines. This year we went to Malapascua Island to help the Owens family.  Many of you will remember Malapascua as the tiny island that survived, Haiyan, one of the world’s largest typhoons.  After the storm, the islanders were faced with catastrophic damage but they never lost their resolve to rebuild their community.  During that time, our church was able to partner with Pastor Timothy Owens and Malapascua Missionary Baptist Church to bring relief to the survivors of Haiyan. People were helped both physically and spiritually. Now, two years later we returned to Christmas Island.  We went street preaching, taught in the public school, invited people to church, and shared the gospel.  Going back to Malapascua was a tremendous blessing! We pray that God will continue to use Malapascua Missionary Baptist Church to heal hearts and lives.