This month North Cebu Baptist Church is emphasizing the importance of worldwide missions.  In the years Brother Lewis has been in Cebu, he has taught his people to give-by faith-to God’s great rescue mission.  Many have already learned this important principle and now the church supports missionaries in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, and more!  But for some it still is a foreign concept.  Many excuse themselves saying they are too poor to give.  While it is true the people here do not have much it is also true that when a Christian steps out by faith, God provides.  Many families who have taken this step have already seen the hand of God in their life!  Giving to missions is not limited by our resources but by our own hearts.  God isn’t lacking finances or possessions!  He just wants His children to carry the truth to others through their words, prayers, and finances.  Just recently, I was privileged to see missions in action!  For years our home church has supported a national pastor right here in the Philippines. He has given his life to the ministry and has been blessed to see men from his church go out and start their own ministries.  One of these men happens to be a missionary on his way to China.  Just newly married he and his wife are on full time deputation right now until they can go to their field.  At the end of August he came by, presented his work, and our church was able to take them on for support!  It’s amazing to see how God uses missions to reach people and then those who were touched go on and reach others!  Faith Bible Baptist Church, our home church, not only has fruit from their missions giving here in the Philippines but now they will also take part in the souls who are brought to Christ in China!  Isn’t that amazing!  Missions works and it is the heartbeat of God!