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A Blessing from the USA


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We’ve been in the Philippines for about six months now and after two plus years of deputation we’re happy to be right where the Lord wants us.  At the same time it has been a blessing to hear from friends and family back in America.  We have received several emails and even some letters from our church family and friends.  And now we have received another blessing! Two more churches have decided to partner with our ministry through their finances and prayers!  Thank you New Beginnings Baptist Church in Kennedy, NY and Grace Baptist Church in Beaver Dams, NY!  What a blessing to see the Lord continue to provide for us in Cebu! And what an encouragement to know there are folks still thinking and praying for us across the miles.

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  1. Joyce Troyer

    Glad to hear you got your cards. Love and miss you all. Looking forward to being with you soon. Got a few things for you and will bring them with us. Have a great day and know we are thinking and praying for you.

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