IMG_0417I was able to go and visit some friends in Toronto, Canada this week as I try to get to know some churches in the area to see if they are willing to let me come and present my work. Toronto is only 2.5 hours away from where I live in New York. I have made several contacts and Lord willing several more. On this trip we were able to assemble a team to go door knocking. We had a good time! We past a good number of tracts and John and Romans. We were able as a group to talk to several open people. No one made a decision for Christ but the Word of God was preached. It will not return void. It will accomplish its task. Please pray for a 14 year old young man by the name of Alex that he would receive Christ as Savior. When we first started the conversation he said that he was an atheist,but by the time we left he was beginning to ask several good questions that leads me to believe that God has somewhat caused him to think. He has been brainwashed by world. Praise the Lord for His word that is quick and powerful.