Elizabeth’s brother came to visit us for a couple of weeks! It was so good to see him again. The kids enjoyed playing ball in the park and reading with  Uncle Daniel. It’s moments like these they’ll treasure forever!

On his previous visits, Bro. Daniel spent a lot of time with Pastor Walter and his family so it was our privilege to visit them again on Bantayan Island!  So much has happened since the last time Daniel was with us. The Langbids have started a ministry on Bantayan Island and it is blooming! Several local families came together and built a building for them to meet in. The area seems so remote but the government is making plans to relocate several families right behind the church property. God is bringing people to His church!  We plan to return to Bantayan this summer and help the Langbids with several outreach ministries!  

We are so thankful for our time with Daniel and the Langbid family. They both were such a tremendous encouragement to our hearts!