A couple months have passed since we chose our target area in Cebu.  Nasipit is a town that appears small at first but once you start down the dirt road you quickly find yourself surrounded by homes and small stores.  The first time we went soul winning, we had a group of fifteen children follow us as we witnessed and passed out tracts.  The need is definitely great as we discovered almost everyone is devout Catholic.  Many are not happy about our presence in town but some are curious and want to hear more.  Of those people only a handful have come to church but praise the Lord some have been saved!  Every Saturday we have returned to Nasipit, hoping that we’ll meet someone searching for the truth.  As we have reached out to the community we have noticed the growing requests for a backyard bible school.  As a result we changed our routine, started to bring our songs and Bible stories, and invited all the kids to meet under a tree.  This time the response was great!  We had twenty-five kids show up!  Even the parents watched from their homes and listened as we presented the Gospel.  Our prayer is that through this backyard bible school, families will get to know us and become more willing to talk about Christ.  Please keep these people in your prayers!