Flor and the CastleWell, it’s summer time! In this hot season there’s always one thing we look forward to….CAMP!  We packed our bags, our fans, our mattresses (yep you read that right :) ), and our kids to head a couple hours south and join the fun. The Lord blessed us this year with a large facility to accommodate our 200 plus campers. Even though it was not equipped with beds the campers came prepared. They brought cardboard and foam mats to sleep on!  For most of them it wasn’t too different from their own beds at home. I loved their smiles even when they didn’t have all the “necessities” that we so often take for granted. This year our theme was “Stay In the Castle.” Our crew did a wonderful job performing the classic play. What a great opportunity to encourage the teens to remain pure and to live a life of no regrets! In the world today, many people believe that is impossible!  But God’s Word tells us that it is not only possible, it is our”reasonable service” for Christ!