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She said,…Yes!!!


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Chris and Elizabeth

Chris and Elizabeth

The Lord has been very good to me in giving me so many blessings that I do not deserve. One particular blessing that He has given me is the opportunity to develop a friendship with a wonderful godly young lady.  She is Pastor Keith Troyer’s daughter her name is Elizabeth. We met each other at  the Bible Camp that Pastor Krohn directs. We have known each other for about six years now through the camp and other various church events. We started to email each other regularly last December with permission from her dad. Then with much prayer and counseling I decided to ask her to court me officially on April 15, 2009. The fifteenth of April will not be a bad day after all since she said,… YES!!! Then after more prayer and counseling I arranged to propose to her during  Junior Camp in Butler, PA. After a moment of shock, she resoundingly said, … YES!!! We are officially engaged to be married on November 28, 2009 at the Grace of Calvary Baptist Church, Erie, PA.

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  1. Frank

    Congratulations Chris & Elizabeth. I am very happy for both of you and excited about your future together in serving the Lord and potentially raising some Godly heritage!

    Bro Frank

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