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It was one of those mornings…we had traveled several hours the day before and arrived at our hotel late. The kids were full of energy and I was doing my best to keep up. :) The three of us finished our breakfast at the hotel and started to leave when a lady approached us. She told me it had been a treat to watch the kids enjoy their breakfast. She then asked where we were from and I told her we were missionaries to the Philippines.  She smiled, “Thank you so much for what you do! We’re Baptists and we love how God is using missionaries around the world!” I took the kids back to our room and realized that I completely forgot to get Chris his breakfast! I ran back downstairs, a little flustered. This time the lady’s husband approached me. He said, “Are you and your husband missionaries?” I smiled, “Yes, sir.” He reached for my hand and gave me a one hundred dollar bill. I stood there in shock. I didn’t know these people. We weren’t even in church! This was a morning I was just trying to survive. My eyes teared up as I thanked this couple for being a blessing!  Here I was in a hotel in Texas when the Lord brought this dear couple across my path. God let me know I was on His mind, even when I wasn’t expecting it. 

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