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Paper Trails & Visa Work

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We have started the final stageThe Baranss of Elizabeth’s permanent residence paperwork!  We just took a trip to Manila for an official interview and were approved! With all of the forms complete, all we have to do is wait for final approval from two lawyers. Once we acquire this, paperwork for staying in the country will become much simpler.  Abigail, Micah, and myself are all dual citizens so it is not difficult for us to leave and return to the Philippines. However for Elizabeth, that is not the case. As an American married to a Filipino, she is automatically given a one year visa but at the end of that year she is required by law to leave the country. As you can imagine, an annual plane ticket is a pricey expense! However, once she becomes an official permanent resident she will no longer be required to leave the country each year. We hope to find out in April that she has become an approved permanent resident of the Philippines!

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