BoxesAfter months of waiting, 4 Christmas packages finally arrived at our post office! In the Philippines, mail is often delayed so when Christmas came and the packages did not we weren’t too concerned. But when January rolled by…and then February…we started to get a little worried. Each week we drove to the Post Office…hoping and praying the boxes had made it.  Finally, in March we had them run the tracking numbers again.  Still no leads…but then the lady who helped us suggested we try talking to another supervisor. Our new contact ran our tracking number again…..this time she found something. All four of our packages had arrived and been put in storage! Thank the Lord for His protection! The packages had arrived safe and sound and nothing was stolen. The Lord’s timing is best and our family really enjoyed having “Christmas in March”!  Our thanks go out to Grandpa and Grandma Holter, Pastor Keith Troyer and Grace Baptist Church, and Pastor Huber and Walker Bible Baptist Church. We praise the Lord for these packages and the people who sent them!