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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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Christmas…it’s aOh Christmas Tree time to reflect on the greatest gift given to mankind, Jesus Christ! Though the Lord was not born on December 25th, it is the day we set apart to celebrate his miraculous birth. The proof of God’s love came in the form of a little baby…a baby who was born to die for the sins of man. Different cultures have different ways of celebrating but for the Christian the emphasis is still the same, no matter where you live. Here in the Philippines, we celebrated in Filipino tradition on Christmas eve. We got together with our college students and church staff around 11:00 p.m. and celebrated past midnight. Christmas dinner was served around midnight and then the students exchanged gifts. It was a really fun experience (excluding the heartburn :) ) and we really enjoyed it. Then on Christmas morning we celebrated the American way-our kids woke up and opened their treasures. Later we had a birthday cake for Jesus and went over the Christmas story. I am so thankful for these special memories and for our God Who sent His Son to die on the cross!  We hope you all had a blessed Christmas with your friends and families!

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