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Kids & Culture Shock

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4th of July

Culture shock. It’s something our kids are experiencing right now. :) When we arrived at the¬†house where we are staying, Abigail, dropped to the floor and said, “The ground is so soft mom!” Micah quickly followed his sister’s example and laid beside her, “Can we sleep here???” In Cebu, everything is concrete so these carpeted floors became the new big thing in our family. :) Another significant difference the kids noticed was the drinking water. Drinking water from the faucet is a big NO-NO in the Philippines. It can make you terribly sick, so we taught our children not to drink it. So when I filled our glasses with water from the sink, Micah started to cry. “Please, mom! You told us not to drink the yucky water!” His genuine concern for us almost made me cry. ¬†Overall, the kids are loving their time in the States. They have a million questions about everything they see and it is so much fun to introduce them to our homeland.

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