We are so thankful to be with the Lewis family here in Cebu. They have helped us set up our home and find a place in the ministry at North Cebu Baptist Church. It’s been a tremendous help to have the wisdom of this veteran missionary family and their friendship. And now the Lord has brought another missionary to us. Miss Leah, born in the Philippines but also an American like myself, has decided to serve the Lord in Cebu. She just retired but instead of taking this time to enjoy the benefits of  years of hard work, she has chosen to give her remaining years to the Lord. One of the things she would like to do is teach the people at church how to sew and provide a living for themselves. This is a very practical need that will be a great blessing to our people! Miss Leah comes to us with minimal support. Her trust and dedication to the Lord have been inspiring for my wife and I. Here is a lady, retired but who wants to give her life to Christ…now. Many reach this point in their lives and look for reasons to do less and less for the Lord but Miss Leah is surrendering it all. It’s true, you’re never too old to serve God!