It has almost been a year since we moved to Cebu last March.  Being a dual citizen has made it so much easier for me and our children to process our paperwork and stay in this country.  Things are a little more complicated for my wife.  Because she is married to a dual citizen she has a yearly visa, allowing her to stay in the country longer than most.  However, it runs up after a year, at which point she would be required to leave the country and renew her yearly visa upon her return. As you can imagine a plane ticket can be a little pricey but praise the Lord we have found a better way!  By becoming a permenant resident of the Philippines, Elizabeth would no longer be required to leave the country, eliminating the cost of a yearly plane ticket. It’s a long process but we’re hoping to have Elizabeth’s permenant residency next year.  Please pray that all our paperwork would be approved and that there would be no complications!