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HouseThese are exciting times! We signed the papers for the house! Now, the process has begun and the title is being transferred to my name. We also paid $10,000 as part of the downpayment for OUR house :).  For me, it was a big step of faith…we have completely committed ourselves!  But I know God is going to see this through…He has only continued to open doors for us throughout this whole process! The deadline for the second half of the downpayment is due in February. We cannot emphasize enough just how amazing this opportunity is. During our first four years on the mission field, we rented a house. In the end, we still took care of the house like it was ours…paying for any and all repairs. It does not make sense for us to continue to invest our time and finances into a house that does not belong to us. But this was not something we searched for. This was not something we planned. Our original idea was to look into housing after furlough…but the Lord had completely different plans. He brought this house to us.  We know He will provide the funds we are lacking. We want to thank those of you who have already given toward our home! Several individuals have sent their financial support…adding up to almost $1,000!  Our home church has sent $5,000 and we praise the Lord for them!  This brings the total cost of what we need down to $9,000. If you would like to help us with this wonderful opportunity, please send your contributions to our support address.  Just designate it on the memo line: Baran House Fund.  Thank you for your faithful support of our family and ministry! 

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