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Cebu Earthquake


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By this time, most of our readers have probably heard that we experienced a 7.1 earthquake here in Cebu.  It happened around 8:10am while I was teaching at the Bible College. When I felt the first rumble I knew something bizarre was about to happen.  It sounded like it had suddenly started to rain very hard…only there was no rain. When the ground began to move we immediately ran outside. Neighboring water towers were literally shaking like baby rattles. What really concerned me was that my wife was at home alone with the kids. Elizabeth was actually skyping her parents when it started. We have a lot of construction work going on next door so at first she wondered, “What in the world is that construction crew doing?” When the floor started to move she knew what was happening even though it was her first time to be in that situation. She grabbed the kids and huddled with them in the kitchen, waiting for it to pass. Her parents could hear glass breaking and the rumble of the quake. A large glass bottle fell from the pantry and exploded all over the kitchen. We later found large chunks of glass stuck in our wooden baseboards. It had fallen right beside Elizabeth and the kids, we found pieces everywhere, but somehow it completely missed my family. God is in control. He was there protecting my family when I could not. Nearly 90 people were killed in the wake of this disaster.  Hospitals, malls, and markets have been damaged. We pray that God will use this terrible tragedy to show people that they need the Lord. Please pray that hearts would be tender and receptive to the Gospel! Thank you so much for all your prayers and notes!

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  1. Sandra Bowes

    Praise God none of youwere injured. Will be un prayer for those who weree and for those who lost loved ones.

    God bless you and yours
    Sandy & Norm Bowes

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