This year I was able to attend a couple of the evenings services at the annual tent meeting that Old Time Baptist Church hosted. I had a good time hearing the Word of God being preached by the Holy Spirit through the different men that spoke. I was challenged to redeem the time and to keep keeping on. I looked at some of the seasoned preachers and how they have been faithful throughout the years by God’s grace and I know I can be faithful like them if I keep close to my blessed Lord. I was also privileged to have meet Pastor Ed Lorena of San Pedro, Laguna Philippines. The Lord has intrusted him as the undershepherd of a great work. The church that he pastors runs about 3,000 in attendance weekly and is heavily involved in local and worldwide evangelism. I was able to talk to him during some of the meal times and asked him several questions about the Lord’s work in the Philippines. I was blessed to have learned several valuable things that will help me when I get to the Philippines. The Lord is so good to put people in your lives at the time that you need them. Praise His Holy name!