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Abbie’s 1st Birthday!


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“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord…” Ps. 127:3  What a blessing to be the parents of a precious child!  It has been a joy for us to watch Abigail grow from a tiny infant to a very active baby.  These days she keeps us very busy as she explores her expanding world.  It ‘s amazing to think just how quickly this past year went by.  Lititle Abbie now walks and practically runs.  It’s also fun to hear her talk, grunt, and coo.  Yes, this year has been a year of many firsts for Abigail and for us.  There have been times when being parents has been challenging…especially when Abbie first discovered she could voice her own opinion. :)  However, we have also enjoyed the rewards and pray the Lord gives us wisdom as we raise and train our baby girl.  We thank the Lord for this wonderful gift.  It’s only been a year but we wouldn’t know what to do without our little girl now.  Abigail truly has been a blessing!

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  1. Chris Baran

    Congratulations Chris and Elizabeth on the birth and now age one birthday of Abigail. I can’t imagine she is already one plus 3 months, how time flies when I’m old and slow to get things accomplished. I want to send a contribution to your ministry in honor of Abigail’s birth. Is it still Word for the World? Also it makes me wonder if I did the same for your marriage. Please let me know if I did or not as I want to do the same to honor your marriage.

    I’m still Obamanized with too many vacant offices, but continue actively knocking doors for the LORD JESUS CHRIST, to Him be the glory. I ask people if they have made their reservation for heaven and if not would they like to do so. If yes I tell them what will happen to those that go to heaven Rev 21:4; Psa 16:11; I Cor 2:9 and John 14:1-3 then sin, repentance, gospel and receive Christ by calling on Him. If they say no I tell them the alternative is the lake of fire and try to persuade them from that angle to hear the plan of salvation. Pray God will open the hearts of Americans to hear His gospel.

    I was in the PI for a month in l987 and month and a half in 1988 and what a blessing for the openess to the gospel compared to the USA. Most of the time was spent in the public schools. Glad you were able to join with Travis & family.

    Greet Travis and his family and let him know I’m praying for them as well as you.

    Love and God bless, David Muralt

    • Chris & Elizabeth Post author

      Bro. Muralt,
      Thank you for your friendship and faithfulness. May God continue to bless you as you continue to serve Him. Yes, time goes by extremely fast. We are getting settled slowly but surely in the mission field. We continue to covet your prayers. We know your economic situation and greatly appreciate your willingness to give to us. Whatever you feel God wants you to give would be a major blessing and we thank you. You can send it to Word for the World. Write the check payable to them and then on the memo write my name (Chris Baran) and then designate it as a gift. We appreciate you brother. Do not hesitate to email us when you can. I have already told the Lewis family hello for you and they said hello back.

      Your Friends,
      Chris and Family (Psa.28:7; 37:4-5)

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