A Blessing on Wheels!Several people have asked about our van and how close we are to paying it off.  At this point we have received a little over 60% of our needed funds.  We have been making monthly payments and could certainly use any help to cover the remaining cost! We can’t thank everyone enough who has helped us purchase this vehicle! We have used it to pick up adults and children each week for church. Because we have this van we can travel further distances and reach people in far away areas.  Without the van we could not physically get all  the relief goods for Malapascua island. It has been a big blessing as we purchase building supplies, food, and water for the people in northern Cebu. As for the relief effort, the people are starting to build their homes. We have been blessed to see their determination in rebuilding their lives after the typhoon. Thank you so much for all you financial support and prayers as we bring the love of Christ to Malapascua Island!