After great anticipation, the time for our survey trip finally arrived.  We spent our first two weeks in Cebu with Brother Lewis and his family.  During this time we were able to see the ministry firsthand.  We are excited about what God is going to do!  Our many questions were answered and because of this trip, we now have clear direction on what our part will be there in the ministry.  We are looking forward to the day when we return.  While we were in Cebu the church hosted a Hearts Day activity for the teenagers.  They had over a hundred teens attend and 90% of them were first timers.  Elizabeth led three young ladies to the Lord and many others also received Christ.  Please pray they will continue to go to the church and grow!

For our final two weeks, we went to Manila to visit my mother.  This was the first time Elizabeth and my mother had ever met.  It was wonderful to see her after two years.  Praise the Lord, she is faithfully attending church with my sister, brother, and his wife.  It was exciting to see how they have grown in Christ since my last visit. Please pray that my other family members will also be saved.

This survey trip was a great blessing to Elizabeth and I.  Unfortunately, while we were in Cebu two funerals occurred that directly affected the church.  It was a sad reminder of why the Lord wants us in the Philippines.  We hope to return quickly and do what we know is God’s will for our lives.