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The End to an Amazing Adventure!

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We had an exciting conclusion to our deputation trail!   For two years now the Lord has protected us on the road and only once have we ever broke down.  During those two years we prayed specifically that our car would last as long as we were on deputation and that it wouldn’t cause problems for the next owners.  Well, the day after our meeting in Porter Corners we continued our journey to Massachusetts.  It’s a long trip through some pretty isolated terrain but I wasn’t too concerned and focused on enjoying time with my brother.  We had driven a good hour when the car started to make a terrible rattling noise.  I’ve never heard our car make this sound before and immediately knew that something was very wrong.  We had just started to climb a hill when I decided it was time to pull over.  Now I was concerned, here we were in the middle of nowhere, stuck on the side of a hill.  Things looked pretty bad and I was supposed to meet my sister in Massachusettes later that day.  In just ten minutes a man stopped by in his truck and asked if we needed some help. He took a look at our engine and confirmed my suspicions, my car wasn’t going to make the trip Massachusetts or anywhere else for that matter.  The good news was that just down the hill there was a mechanic who could set us up with a rental car!  We had just enough power left in our Toyota to crest the hill and coast into the shop.  The people there were great, they bought our car and gave us a discount for our new rental car.  Throughout it all God made it very clear to us that He was in control.  At the time it looked like a terrible moment to lose our vehicle but now I’m so glad it happened.  Yes, glad!  Hey, God answered our prayers; the car lasted for the entirety of deputation and it didn’t cause the next owner any problems!  On top of it all we somehow managed to break down in the middle of nowhere, not even five minutes away from a mechanic.  Coincidence?  I know better than that.  And because our car broke down I no longer have to deal with the paperwork that goes with giving a car away!  God is so good.  We were so happy I think the mechanic must have thought we were a little strange.  Two hours later we were on the road again as if nothing happened.  I met my sister and enjoyed telling her our story!  My God has taken great care of us throughout our adventures here in the States.  I think this whole ordeal was another way to remind us that He is always in control and that He’ll be with us on that airplane going to Cebu.  I’m reminded of the verse in Romans, “…if God be for us, who can be against us?  He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?”

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  1. Frank

    Wow, indeed, following your whole adventure and experience while on the deputation trail from afar with this blog and up close when you were at FBBC to talk, I had no doubt that God was in control the whole time. Excited to see the time of departure is at hand, no sadness for me, for your leaving us at FBBC I planed for that many years ago. From the time you preached your first message during which the Lord used it to change my life for good (at mount Salem) till now I had the confidence the Lord was going to use you back in the Philippines. May you continue to follow His lead to the end of the next stage of this journey!

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