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Our Home


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We signed the contract for our house this week!  After traveling on the road for a couple years we’re really looking forward to putting some roots down. It’s a cute little three bedroom home so we have room for you if you want to visit!  Funny thing is there is no bathroom but they’re working on that right now.  The lady that we’re renting from has been very kind and let us make some necessary changes, like adding a bathroom.  We don’t want to put a lot of money into the house because we are just renting it and we hope to someday buy a home, Lord willing.  At this point we’re just thrilled to finally have our own place!  I think Elizabeth is counting down the days until we move in.   June 1st is moving day, and we praise the Lord for helping us find a place so quickly. 

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  1. Frank

    -> “Funny thing there is no bathroom right now.”

    Hope you can hold it for a long time Chris…. haha On a serious note, I have been praying for this for you Chris. Glad you have your first place of residence in Cebu!

  2. Rosalie

    Well, Im glad that someone told us “How” to find out how you guys are doing… We (all) have been waiting for a News Letter or e-mail or something … to let us know how you are doing over there. I guess they give a report in Church on Wed. nights, but we haven’t been there in several of those. My cousin (in Gowanda) was very ill with Colon Cancer. We had to be out there on Weds. He did get Saved and went Home with Jesus last Sunday morning. Soooo, that’s ‘why” we know nottin’.
    Anyhow, congratulations on your new home. NO, we will not be there for the “House Warmimng Party”. :) We do send out love and blessings though. Elizabeth, you are very special and we love you dearly. Little Abby, you are missed terribly and loved a whole bunch. Chris…’Well, you know exactly how we feel about you. Always remember what Jay told you before you left. You all are always in our prayers and loved dearly. Please give us your Snail Mail address…soon. :)

    • Chris & Elizabeth Post author

      We’re sorry to hear about your cousin, we’ll keep him in our prayers. Praise the Lord for his salvation! Thank you so much for writing us, we miss you all too and it’s so good to hear from you. Right now we’re using a P.O. Box for our mail. It’s

      Christopher Aaron Baran
      P.O. Box 394
      Cebu Central Post Office,
      Cebu city, Philippines 6000

      This address will also be in our next prayer letter so you’ll have a physical copy soon! Let everyone know we said hello! We appreciate all the prayers!

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