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Camp in Cebu


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We just finished a great week of camp with the teens from our church!  The theme was Facing the Giants, Who is Your Goliath?  Throughout the week we heard some great preaching on the giants of fear, pride, and public opinion. By the weeks end seven teens trusted the Lord as their Savior and others made decisions about their own personal giants. The devil fought hard to disrupt the week but the Lord still worked in the lives of the young people despite it all.  We made a lot of good memories and Elizabeth and I really enjoyed participating in camp!  At the end of the week I had to face one of my own giants, balut!  I’ve never really liked the boiled fertilized egg but somehow there I was, standing in front of the whole camp holding the crunchy egg.  Two other Americans were next to me examining their own balut.  I tried to eat it in one big bite but that strategy didn’t work…I won’t go into the details but lets just say it was a failed attempt.  I couldn’t get my wife to try one but perhaps she was smart.  We had a lot of fun this week and really enjoyed seeing the Lord work in hearts!  When it was finally time to take the kids home we had another interesting developement; our jeepney broke down!  Having your one and only jeepney give out during camp is a major problem but thankfully some of the other churches let us borrow their vehicles.  As a result I ended up driving for the very first time in the Philippines.  Our journey began in the mountains so traffic wasn’t terrible…until we got into the city.  I think I scared the teens a few times.  Right before we started for home several teens asked me, “You sure you know how to drive Pastor Chris?”.  Praise the Lord, after getting lost and just barely avoiding a couple of motorcycles we made it home safe and sound!  That was an experience all on its own but I think it gave me a little more confidence about driving here in Cebu.

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  1. Dan Priore

    Pastor Chris and Elizabeth,
    Just thinking of both of you and went to the website for new news. That’s fantastic about camp with teen decisions!!! Praise God! Elizabeth Happy Mother’s Day!! alittle late. We continue to pray for you, and Rebekah is home safe now too.
    Take care and God Bless you all,
    Bro Dan

  2. Chris & Elizabeth Post author

    Thank you so much for the prayers! Elizabeth also wants to thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes. Abigail is growing quickly on us. She gets around on her feet pretty fast now and keeps us busy! :)
    We miss you all and enjoy listening to some of the sermons from the church!
    Pastor Chris

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