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A Fancy Roast


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Since our arrival in March I’ve tried a few Filipino delicacies (some more desirable than others) and this week I was able to enjoy another one.  Lechon is probably one of the Philippines’ most recognized dishes other than balut and is one of my personal favorites.  A whole pig is roasted over charcoal, rotisserie style, until the skin becomes crispy.  It is a little intimidating to see the whole pig sitting on your dining room table as you get ready to eat but the taste is phenomenal!  Sometimes you can see pig farmers transfer a live pig in a sack on their motorcycle!  Fresh delivery for the buyer!  The church just recently had a fellowship meal and someone provided a beautiful lechon for us to enjoy!  Others also brought their very best and that was a blessing to see too.  The people here do not have much but they have been taught to give and have seen the Lord bless them for it!

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