Well, we’re back in Cebu and we’re quickly finding our niche in the ministry here at North Cebu Baptist Church.  Seven new visitors came from our brand new target area and of those seven one mother made a profession of salvation!  We’re also excited to be involved in the Extension Classes the church has on Saturdays.  These backyard bible schools give us the opportunity to go into an area, set up chairs, and teach the local children about the Bible.  This is also a great way for the parents to hear the gospel!                                                                                               Summer has been a busy time for us here in Cebu and in just one week we’ll be in the middle of camp!  Please continue to keep that in your prayers as we encourage the kids to go.  We also ask for your prayers as we try to finalize our housing situation.  It looks like we found our first first home!  We will be renting and hope to move in on June 1st.  These are exciting times for us as we settle in our new home!