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Camp in Manila


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After finally setting up our temporary home in Cebu, Elizabeth and I found ourselves on a plane headed for Manila.  Summer is a very busy time here and we were about to experience our first camp in the Philippines!  Two years ago, we met Pastor Nemual Lesada while we were on our survey trip.  He and his family were very helpful to us during our stay and soon became our friends.  It was also during that time that I visited my mother.  It had been two years since I had last seen her so what a blessing to finally be with her again.  When we visited her in her home it soon became clear to me that she needed to move and find a better place to work.  It just so happened that Pastor Lesada had mentioned to me that they needed a cook for their brand new camp.  Praise the Lord, only He could time things so perfectly!  Now, two years later I was returning to speak at that camp and see my mother in her new home.  Keep in mind that this would also be the first time that my mom would get to see Abigail.  What a truly special moment for us!  I was also blessed to see my mom in such good hands.  The church there in Manila has greatly helped my mom both physically and spiritually.  Elizabeth and I enjoyed spending our first week of camp with them.  I preached twice in Tagalog and the juniors seemed to respond well.  My mind is quickly grasping the language again but I still need a lot of help!  Sixteen children got saved throughout the week and many more made some great decisions.  What an encouragement to see God work in the Philippines.  Elizabeth and I still have two more weeks of camp to go this summer in Cebu so please keep that in your prayers!  The people here may have a completely different culture but they still have the same spiritual, emotional, and physical needs as people in the States.  Only God can change their hearts and show them a better path!

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  1. Dan Priore

    Pastor Chris,
    Been checking up on you and praying for all of you . We keep you, Eliabeth and Abigail in our prayers daily, and not only because Rebekah is there. :-)
    God Bless You,
    Bro Dan

  2. Rosalie

    We know this was awhile ago,…but…We are just reading it today. PTL! God is soooooo good. There’s a whole lot of “good” going on there.
    Elizabeth, we are excited for you because some of your ‘special dreams’ are coming true.

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