One of the ministries I’m involved with at North Cebu Baptist Church is the College and Career Sunday School Class.  It reminds me of former days when I taught the adult class back at our home church in New York.  There are some things that are uniquely different about this particular class though.  Space at the church is limited and because of this our class has been meeting outside under a tarp.  There are three seasons in the Philippines-hot, hotter, and really hot-so that tarp has been a blessing!  Then one morning I showed up at church and was surprised to discover a chicken in the back of our class! (Apparently supper for the Bible college students later that week.)  I could only smile to myself and think only in the Philippines!  During these past few months we’ve had a faithful group attend the class with several new Christians who are eager to grow.  It has been a blessing for me to teach this group and take part in their lives!