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Learning the Language

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Since we arrived in Cebu I have relied heavily on my Tagalog to communicate with the people.  Tagalog is the main dialect of the Philippines so just about every person can understand and talk with me.  However, there are some who know very little Tagalog and others who have a prejudice against my language.  The church people have been teaching me some of their Cebuano and I’ve also learned a little from day to day living at the market, through soul winning, and other personal  contacts.  Thankfully, Pastor Travis, who is fluent in Cebuano, gave us our first language lesson this past week!  Even though Cebuano and Tagalog have a lot of similarities they are still very different and I have a lot to learn.  Please pray that the Lord would bless, Elizabeth, and I as we study the language!  While it will take my wife longer to learn Cebuano (because she doesn’t know Tagalog) in the long run, she will most likely speak it more clearly than I will.  We’re excited to learn the language and hope to get a better understanding of the culture through our journey!  

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  1. Dan Priore

    Chris, Elizabeth and Abigail,
    Hello to you all. Woke up this morning and you were on my my mind. Prayed for you all and figured I should at least say hello today. Well, hello Gog Bless, and have a great day. Chris, what are you doing on this language thing? You started out speaking Tagalog. Then you come to America, and speak endlish with a THIICKKK Tagalog accent. You lose most of that accent, but then it happens- You go to college in Texas. So you leave for four years and then y’all come back with this very heavy Southern accent- mixed with tagalog. I am allready praying for you and your family now. I can see it in two years. Here come Chris speking Cebuano with a THICCKK Tagalog accent speakin REALLY SLOW last syllables like a Texan. Poor Elizabeth and Abigail they will have to Chrisbaranese. LOL
    Love you all Thanks and God Bless you and ythank you for seriving our Lord!!!
    Dan and Kathy Priore

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