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A Missionary & A Handyman


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Since moving into our house we’ve experienced a few surprises. One thing we learned right away was when using your appliances for the first time~READ THE MANUAL!  You just never know what amazing things your washer is capable of until it’s too late.  And being in a foreign country you also realize that the manufacturer doesn’t always give you a warning.  That being said, I’ve had some experience hooking up appliances but this was something I didn’t see coming.  The drum inside our washer had been bolted down from the inside to keep it from moving during delivery (which I appreciate) , however, no one mentioned that to us.  So being a good husband, I hooked up the washer for my wife and we put in our very first load.  When the washer reached the spin cycle the entire machine starting jumping off the ground.  I’ve seen overloaded washers shake and make noise but this machine was literally jumping across our floor!  For a few moments it looked like our dryer was losing in a robotic boxing match.  Thankfully, it was a simple fix and we counted it a lesson learned.  As I’ve been working around the house, Abigail has been a curious observer.  She has fun trying to sweep and wash the floors.  Whatever daddy and mommy are doing~she wants to be right in the middle of it.  I’m so thankful for our baby girl and her sweet smile.  She makes being a handyman even more fun. 

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  1. Terri

    Dear Chris & Elizabeth and Abigail too :-)

    This really made me smile today. I have been thinking lately about different ways that I can help to serve my Christian brothers and sisters and missionaries have been on my heart. It warms my heart to visit your site and I am praying for your family as you serve Cebu for Christ. I am about to read “How to Pray for a Missionary” from FBBC Pastor Kohl’s church website. I glimpsed it earlier and I know that it will give me a better understanding of your experience overseas and to pray for the trials that you may be facing as you accomplish your missionary work. Abigail, you are such a beautiful and lucky little girl.

  2. Dan Priore

    Hello Barans,
    Thinking of you all. Erie County Fair is winding down and just thinking of you soul winning there. Thanks for your full time soul winning call. Oh on the wsher, You really don’t need to read the manual, just look through the pictures. Then if a problem, read the manual. That’s why the Bible doesn’t have pictures (LOL).
    Miss you all,
    In Christ’s Love- Dan and Kathy Priore

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