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One Week Later…

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OnPraying!e week has passed since the earthquake first tore through the islands. In these past few days we have watched the death toll climb to almost 200 lost souls. We have felt several aftershocks, some of which have qualified themselves as more earthquakes, reaching 5.0 on the richter scale. People are afraid to sleep in their own homes and many choose to sleep outside. Even though it is very alarming to feel the tremors, we are not afraid of any further damage in Cebu at this point. Our prayers are with those who live on our neighboring island of Bohol and feel every new quake that rips through the epicenter. This enormous tragedy has touched the hearts of many people living here. People are seriously thinking about life, death, and eternity. As they find themselves confronted with these fearful circumstances they are grasping for answers and for hope.  Christ is the only one who offers them that comfort. In Him, they can find peace for their souls and rest from the fear that is in their hearts.  Several came to our Sunday services and heard the Gospel for perhaps the first time.  The hope of Christ has been planted within their hearts! Now we pray that they will consider Christ and make a decision to trust Him with their lives and eternity. Keep praying for the people in the Philippines! 

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