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We Made It!


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Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Well, after 24 hours plus of fly time and layovers we finally made it to Cebu.  It has been a little over a week since we arrived and we’re almost over our jet lag.  As we traveled on deputation a wise veteran missionary warned us that the first two months on the field can be the most difficult. Entering the airport to leave Buffalo I never anticipated any difficulties.  As we were checking in, we discovered that we were missing some necessary paperwork to leave the States.  As a result my wife was immediately flagged, making it impossible for us to leave on the 26th.  Thankfully our travel agent knew how to handle the situation and made it possible for us to fly out the very next day.  Praise the Lord!  We’re not sure why the Lord delayed our trip.  Perhaps it was an opportunity to be a good testimony for the travel agent.  She was very surprised that we weren’t upset throughout the whole ordeal.  Another  possibility could be that the Lord was protecting us from something.  Whatever the reason, God showed us that He was in control.  I know that God wants us here and that He is with us as we begin our new life in Cebu. 

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  1. Frank

    Awesome Chris, glad to hear things worked out. Thank you for showing my friend Debbie the right way a believer in Jesus Christ handles a problem situation – with peace!

    Praying for you Liz and the little one. Keep us up to date the best you can!

    God’s grace!

  2. Michelle Ilardo

    Dear Baran Family!

    Thank the Lord for your safety in traveling and arrival on your mission field! We have been and will be praying for your ministry there in Cebu. What an amazing time in your lives! You are missed and wish we could’ve said our goodbyes. Keep in touch and let us know if we can help in any way…God has truly blessed! Your friends, The Ilardo family.
    (Michael, Michelle, Josiah, Elijah, Zechariah and Obadiah(6wks.old!)

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