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Watch Them Grow!

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Sunday was extra special for our family. For weeks now, Abbie has been praying for her friend (our neighbor’s little girl) to come to church!  Sometimes life gets busy and our children’s desires take a back seat to everything else that is happening. But Abigail kept praying and asking her friend to come to church.  One day she said, “Mom, my friend wants to come with us on Sunday!” So that afternoon Abbie and I talked to her friend’s parents. The mother grinned, “Yes, your daughter has been asking me for weeks if my kids can come.”  My heart was so full! I’m so thankful for my little girl and her desire to bring people to church. I pray she never loses that desire! Sunday came and we were so blessed to have Abbie’s friend and her sister come to our services!  I thank the Lord for answering my baby’s prayers and growing her faith! 

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