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Until We Meet Again…

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Dee Dee & The ChildrenOur time with our guests went fast! We spent 12 days, showing them the ministry and the beautiful island we now call home. During their travels they went with us  into the public schools! The children inside listened attentively and kids outside were pressed against the windows, trying to see what was going on!  They also took part in street preaching. Because English is a second language for many, they were able to witness and tell people about Christ!  On the weekend, they jumped into our children’s ministries and helped with Backyard Bible School. This is one of our favorite ministries where we bring Sunday School to the children; singing songs, memorizing verses, and teaching Bible stories.  Though our time was short, it was such a blessing to have them here! They truly refreshed and encouraged our souls! We miss them already!

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  1. Dee Dee

    Time went by way too fast! Yes………’til we meeet again. I am praying! Miah has said he would go back again. Me? I am praying! Daniel said the next time he goes it will just be him and Samuel! Love you all so much! God Bless You! You are always in my thought and prayers and forever in my heart!

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