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Tongue Tied

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Tongue TiedLearning a language can be a tricky…especially when the language is tonal. For the missionary, this can cause some very funny moments. For example, words like suko and suka. These two words may sound similar but using the wrong one will completely change what you meant to say! Such was the case for my wife, Elizabeth. After studying Cebuano for three years, she has finally started teaching children’s classes. What she was trying to say was “Pero kong mopadayon ka sa imong pagkasuko makasala ka.” or in English, “If you continue to be angry you will sin!” What she actually said was, “If you continue to throw up you will sin!” OOOOPS! Just another day in the life of a missionary! :)

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  1. Jeremiah Thomas Aley

    I was hoping to try and know one phrase before I came over but I think I am at a loss. Glad she is learning the language and is able to teach. See you soon.

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