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Summer Camp 2013


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Our summer program is in full swing and has kept us busy with church activities, including camp!  This summer our church hosted camp on a school property.  It was a beautiful location but it lacked a lot of things that would normally come with a campsite.  Things like a running kitchen and cafeteria were not provided and even beds for the kids and counselors to sleep.  This did not stop our camp staff or campers though and we had an awesome week!  Campers brought cardboard (yes, cardboard!)and foams to sleep on and our kitchen staff transformed a classroom into a working kitchen with a portable stove top.  Our main speaker was a Filipino missionary to Vietnam.  He and his family had amazing testimonies from their church back in Vietnam and really challenged our faith during the week.  These dear people have to meet secretly for church and baptize new converts in the bathtub of their own home.  During the week, this pastor said that he didn’t know what would happen to him and his family but he knew that being in God’s will was the best place for him, his dear wife, and children. That is a man of faith!  It was an incredible week and several teens made great decisions!  Camp has meant  so much to Elizabeth and I in our life back in the States and we are so happy to take part in this ministry here in the Philippines. 

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