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Sending Help!


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Our third shipment getting ready for the trip to Malapascua!

Our third shipment getting ready for the trip to Malapascua!

As the entire country begins recovering from typhoon Haiyan, we are trying to do our part in Cebu. Our third shipment of relief goods was sent to Malapascua early this morning! Medical supplies have been donated and we have sent a nurse from our church to help with the people’s medical needs. Food and water was also sent with the shipment. The island is completely cut off from the mainland so drinking water is one of their biggest needs.  Many have lost their homes and are sleeping in the open air. Pastor Travis and our Bible college guys are there right now trying to set up tarps for shelter and clean up some of the wreckage.  Because the island is so small they are not receiving a lot of attention but their need is great. If we don’t help them who will?  This is a need that will not just disappear in a week’s time. Recovering from the devastation will take months.  Please pray for the people and consider helping them in these uncertain times.

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  1. Rebekah

    I’m not saying you’re the cause of all this destruction, I’m just saying that the Philippines didn’t have this much trouble BEFORE you got there!!

    Jk ;)

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