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Our Baby


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We are excited to announce that our Baby Baran is a girl! Well…there’s an 80% chance that she is a little girl.  We’re hoping to schedule one last ultrasound just to be sure. Whatever the outcome may be we’re greatly looking forward to this little addition to our family.  Personally we would like to know the baby’s gender just so we can prepare a little more specifically.   In this last ultrasound it was a great blessing to see that our little one has grown well.  As for names, if this baby is a girl we will be calling her, Abigail Elisabeth Baran. Please continue to pray for my wife and the baby as we travel on the road! One more piece of exciting news, my wife just received her new passport!  This was the final item that we needed to change her name to Baran.  This was another thing that needed to be done before she could change her tourist visa to an immigration visa.

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