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Joy in the Journey


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We were driving in the car (again :) ) when my daughter said, “Daddy, when will we be done traveling and traveling and traveling and traveling???” I laughed but honestly, she was voicing something I was already feeling! Unpacking, repacking, driving, and MORE driving can become a weary task. But then, the Lord brought something to my mind. He reminded me of all the people that we’ve met in our travels. We’ve spent time with family; we have visited friends both old and new.  Just last week, I was privileged to meet a young boy with a great zeal to serve the Lord. He was full of questions, and his excitement was refreshing. In the same meeting, I met another missionary friend and we had a great time comparing stories and talking about what God has done!   Yes, the journey is tiring but God gives us joy in the journey. So as I was driving the car, I looked at my daughter and said, “We still have a lot of traveling to do, sweet heart. But have you made friends?” Her eyes lit up and she started rattling off all the names of her new friends.  Sometimes it’s a matter of perspective and God uses our children to remind us to keep the right perspective. :) I am so thankful for the blessings God gives us as we go through this journey. 

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