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Honoring a Life of Service


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Chris and Preacher

Four years have passed since the last time I attended camp meeting at Old Time Baptist Church. Old Time has a special place in my heart; I graduated high school there, went on missions trips with the people, and made many wonderful memories. I thoroughly enjoyed the tent meeting this year but missed someone special. 3 months ago, Preacher, went to be with the Lord. He was greatly missed and honored during the week. I cried as I watched his memorial video and heard him sing, “Tiny Little Hands.”  I had heard him sing it in person on a missions trip in St. Lucia and hearing him sing it again on the video was special. Preacher was a wonderful man of God. He’s the only guy I know who would give you a big hug and a kiss (on both cheeks.) :) I will never forget his love for people! His big heart reminds me of the Lord. Preacher would always reach out to those who were down and out and it remains a challenge to me not to push those people away. I am so thankful for this man’s life and testimony! He is missed by those who love him but what a wonderful testimony to leave behind.

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