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Happy Birthday Pastor Lewis!

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This week we celebrated Pastor Travis Lewis’ 37th birthday!  In the short time that we have been here, Brother Lewis and his family have become our good friends!   We’re so thankful to have them with us as we settle into our home and learn this new culture.  Their experience has saved us a lot of hassle and frustration!  I can defintely see the wisdom in a missionary partnering with a fellow-laborer, it has been a major blessing to us!  For instance, our rental home is still currently being worked on (yes, unfortunately we didn’t move in on June 1st) and because of Brother Lewis’s advice I knew to keep an eye on the house as the work was being completed.  Unfortunately, when Pastor Lewis had work done on his own home the workers stole all of his shovels and hammers, wrapping new tape over the handles in an attempt to disguise them.  We’ve still had some trial and error but the Lewis’ have taken the time to help us settle in Cebu.  Happy Birthday Pastor Travis!  Thank you for faithfully serving the Lord on the field!

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